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What is that smell?
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Dec 14, 2022
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What is that smell?
Welcome! The hot tycoon game you ordered has arrived!

From now on, start a delightful day with adorable animal friends.
A small bakery in my hand Bear Bakery

Manager! Bakery, please!

This is how Bakery works!

★ Create new bread using Merge!
Make various breads using Merge!
What kind of bread will be Merge's next step!?

★ Decorate the best wellness room!
We need a break room for the well-being of our employees!
Buy furniture with Bakery profits to decorate your employees' break rooms!
When they eat well and get plenty of rest, your employees' performance will increase!

★ The life of the Bakery is bread!
Bakery's life is a variety of delicious breads.
Merge Tycoon makes several loaves of bread!

★ Know what your customers like!
Customers have different personalities and preferences!
Customer's style! Please identify your favorite bread and make it a regular!

★ Open a pop-up store with various themes!
Mr.Bearbae has developed a special bread recipe!
Since this is on sale for a limited time, hurry!
Don't miss out on the limited edition furniture that can only be found in the pop-up store!!!

What is Bear Bakery's fate?
It's in the manager's hands!!

[Required permission information]
▶ WRITE/READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: load & save User data, used to take screenshots to share

[How to revoke access right]
▶ Android 6.0 or later: Settings > Apps > Select permission items > Permission list > Select consent or withdraw access
▶ Under Android 6.0: Upgrade the operating system to revoke access or remove the app


※ Manager! I brought you some hot news!

# The fitting room is open!
-You can check out various costumes of guests in the fitting room.

# Fixing and remediating bugs
- Fixed errors related to bread sales and adjusted the formula.
- We modified the part where the daily quest did not appear.
- Fixed the part where the furniture location was stored incorrectly.
- Convenience features related to stores and boutiques have been added.


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1.2.22 - 5.1 31/01/2023
1.2.21 - 5.1 29/01/2023

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